Decorating the wedding venues

Banquets halls are rooms designed to host banquets, receptions, parties and other social events. Plain halls or venues can be decorated in a relatively inexpensive way to look presentable and change the entire mood and atmosphere of the hall. Venues are managed under different policies and in some cases clients are permitted to decorate the hall whichever way they please. Other venues are more restrictive and put strict guidelines on the type of lighting to be used, where flowers should be placed and other such measures.

Wedding decorators and even some banquet halls have the the necessary equipment to decorate your wedding venues to match a particular event theme and purpose the hall is to used for. Different venues and halls have different requirements when it comes to decoration. Some themes, such as medieval castles may only require a few candles and lilies while others like it plain, local village halls may require further sprucing up to improve their appearance and make them fit for a party or wedding reception.

People work with different budgets and some have more money to work with than others. Once the hall has been identified a venue dresser can be contracted to come up with a decoration plan and give a budget estimate. If the money required is more than what is available the dresser can pick out the most necessary or important aspects of decoration to invest in. Fortunately, with proper planning and arrangement guests may not even notice the difference. What is used in the decoration arrangement depends on the overall cost since some decorating materials are more expensive than others.

Flowers for example, cannot be compared to balloons with flowers being incredibly expensive as compared to the latter. If for a wedding reception, the flowers used in the church ceremony could be transferred to the reception to make full use of them. Hiring green plants from a nursery is also a good idea. Buying seasonal flowers could also prove to be a better arrangement or better deal in the long run. Flowers could be used together with green plants and ribbons to cut down on costs and still maintain an appealing environment. Halls and venues hired for Christmas or New Year parties could be decorated with painted berries and twigs.

Lighting is second to flowers when it comes to decorating ordinary rooms into themed environments. Parties or receptions that are planned to be held after sunset, require the venue dresser to visit the hall prior to the event to gauge the manner the hall takes when lit. This helps with planning since the dresser knows what lighting is present and what lighting needs exist in the hall, depending on the required atmosphere for a successful event. Involving the premises manager might be of help especially if they specialize in parties, since they might have additional decorations that may perfectly match the present theme.

Table decorations are numerous and if guests attending the event will be provided with tables they can be decorated depending on budget, preference and type of event. Small tables may not have much room for decorations and leave adequate space for plates, forks and knives. Such may require a level of simplistic decorations to be practical and accommodation to the guests’ needs.

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